Design Snub

Ok, I’ll admit it… I’m a design snub.

It happens to the best of us… when I say us, I mean designers.

We go through design school (shedding many tears from in-class critiques) then all of a sudden every logo is off-centered, every flyer has too many fonts and the proportions are out of whack. It’s like your eyes can’t divert from the awfulness of Comic Sans or clip art. I guess hindsight is always 20/20.

But don’t worry, I won’t make you a snub. Leave it to the pros. (JK!)

If you are reading this, I’m assuming you are either a) a designer, yourself b) a businessowner (actively or aspiring) or c) a really bored but avid reader – thanks for taking a break from Facebook/IG for little ole’ me!

I’m looking to give pretty much free advice pertaining to design and the overall brand of your business.

… design is the most important first impression you make. A visual handshake, if you will.

I always get the same inquiries from potential clients. ‘I want a logo. What do you charge?’

Well, first tell me about your business, who is your audience, what services are your business offering, what’s your business goal?

I’m not just trying to get into your ‘business’ (for lack of a better term) but I want to know more about it. The more I know about your plans and objectives, the more you will be pleased with your logo/design.

It’s not about it being pretty; but mainly the story you’re trying to tell or feeling you want your consumer to experience.

That’s what this blog is about.; using design in a real, effective way.

I’m a little biased I guess but design is the most important first impression you make. A visual handshake, if you will.

I hope that through this blog, I can give you some insight on how to think about design and how it affects your business and even your everyday life. I’ll also add a few nuggets (and some venting sessions)  about balancing a businessowner lifestyle with a family life. We all need a little woosah sometimes.

Admittedly, my first love is writing so, I’m extremely excited for this time I will be able to get back to writing; especially about things I’m passionate about. So, welcome aboard!

Check back in frequently as we tap into design, business, and the balancing act of entrepreneurship.

Thank you for your interest in my blog!

You can design your life.