All Type A clients should expect a three-five day turnaround on their comp (first draft) designs. Turnaround times may vary based on my workload at the time of design consultation but I will always ensure that the client is aware.

Before I begin a comp design, the detail of the service is discussed and agreed upon by both the client and myself through a signed contract. Then, the client is expected to pay a 50% deposit before the comp is presented by me. Comps are always watermarked by Type A Designs.

Once the final payment is paid, the client will receive the final design with full access and the watermark will be removed. Unless otherwise noted in the design contract, Type A Designs is allowed to display the client’s design on the company’s social media and/or website for portfolio and promotional purposes.

Type A Designs


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  1. Hello!
    My awesome friend Amy Hodges recommended me to you as a possibility of designing a logo for me. I am curious as to your costs. I am starting up a website with a blog and a corresponding and nonprofit eventually. My website isn’t active yet It’s based on sailing and sea turtles. Ive got the idea of what I want in my head. I just don’t have the talent to create it. Thanks in advance for your time!
    Thanks so much!!

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